Gardenscapes Download

Gardenscapes Download

Download Gardenscapes for Android & ios from Tutuapp

Gardening- a word loved by many but achieved by few. If you are passionate about gardening and you have a talent for a landscape this game is for you. If not, Gardenscapes will make you a passionate gardener. Gardenscapes invites all the passionate and non-passionate gardeners to explore the thrills of gardening and unravel the mysteries and twists that await.


This is a top-ranking Match 3 game, that won the game of the year 2016 and used by 7.5 million people in the world.  In a matter of seconds, you have a whole virtual abandoned garden in your hands that you can renovate, decorate, and beautify with the help of your butler Austin. You get the assistance of a playful pup to cheer you up. You can become friends with in-game characters and follow them on social media to get their assistance in renovating the garden.

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Still, wondering how you could do above all? The answer is simple, all you need to do is swap and match alongside elements in the puzzle to win exciting rewards.  These rewards are either stars, coins, or boosters that help you to unlock different areas in the garden as you progress in the game. You can use these rewards to beautify different areas in the garden. This is the time for you to put your artistic sensibility into work. You only need your phone and the Gardenscapes app.

A unique Gardenscaping adventure

The core display of this game is an abandoned garden. You are the owner of the garden. You can renovate, decorate, and beautify the garden with the help of Austin- your butler. Gardenscapes unfolds the best matching puzzles that can be completed in a few swaps. There are many levels and each level has a goal to achieve by completing tasks. As you progress in the game, you can unlock new areas such as treehouse, fountain, etc, that have unique structures and you can decorate them with a wide range of decors earned through task completion.

Gardenscapes gameplay

The game features

Your own garden

Support Austin – the butler to renovate the garden and beautify it with mosaic features

A combo pack thriller

Swap, match, decorate, renovate, and unfold mysteries and twists in the storyline.

Different areas

Gardenscapes offer different areas, each with unique structures such as a treehouse area, a fountain area, and a maze area that you can unlock when the game progresses.

A unique set of boosters

Match puzzles and win a unique set of boosters that include shovels, bombs, bundles of dynamite, etc.

 A friendly neighborhood.

Be friends with in-game characters and experience exciting plot twists and turns in the storyline. Follow them on an in-game social media platform. And get the assistance of a playful puppy to lift your spirits.

Play with your mates

You can be neighbors with your Facebook friends and double the fun.

Play wherever you are and whenever you want

This addictive gameplay can be played either offline or online for free.

Fixed Version Features

Tutu app Gardenscapes Fixed brings you unlimited coins. By using this mod you can increase the amount of your coins. Get unlimited coins when you install this mod. Money/Coins will increase when you spend them


Tutuapp is the most popular mobile AppStore. Download the latest apps and games free from here. Tutuapp gives all apps and games free and you can get the VIP version and download a lot of cool apps and games free. Gardenscapes is a top-ranking game offering a virtually abandoned garden that allows you to be the master of your artistic creativity. Match and swap alongside elements and be lavished with stars and boosters that help you to level up. Engaging in this game can help you to break away from your mundane busy schedules and to boost up your energy and mood. Gardenscape is an art which is worth mastering.

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