Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2

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If ripping through the flesh of your lethal opponents is the only way to iron out your stress, the shadow fight is the best way to vent all your frustrations. Shadow fight is the famous Facebook smash hit with 40 million users. This game is a mesmerizing combination of Role-playing and classical combat which allows you to weaponize your characters with a plethora of deadly and rare armor sets. Shadow Fight 2 comprises plenty of lifelike-animated Martial Arts moves.

You can adopt all such moves in knocking out your mortal enemies. Once you are well geared up with all combat tools you can cut your way through a host of a hostile multitude. Fight the shadows the way you want; stab, lunge, tear, chop, crush, and beat living hell out of whatever shadow that comes on your way.

Shadow Fight 2

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Shadow fight series is developed by Nekki Corporation.The game first debuted in 2015 for mobile platforms without any price tag.Shadow fight is based on a fierce Ninja fighter who is battling out with his best martial moves against an atmosphere of Japanese feudalism. In the game, you must progress through underworld battle to enhance your fighting skills. The final objective of the game culminates in conquering the gates of darkness. Simply you need to close the gate of darkness, thereby, preventing all evils. To attain this goal, you need to engage in neck-break combat with your enemies under six different levels. Each level is more advanced than the previous one. The opponents that you confront in the game are powerful and you can get exposed at the slightest mistake.

How Shadow Fight 2 is different

If you compare shadow fight with other games of the same genre you may see a lot of diverging characteristics.  The developers have not much focused on graphical beauty. It doesn’t have gorgeous graphics to brag about. Shadow fight is not your typical game with mesmerizing graphics but poor combat design. The developers have heavily concentrated on the execution of gameplay in terms of user in-game.

Thus you can witness the high priority given to combating control mechanics and movement where the game performs brilliantly. You will also feel that the speed of the game is slow compared to others. Never mind these apparent negatives, shadow fight scores high in mechanics of gameplay. It is rich in the performance of combat operations. The slower speed of gameplay translates to more time you get in choosing the right attack move. More time also means you have more time to defend an attack against you.

Shadow Fight 2 gameplay

You need to be both knowledgeable and skillful in choosing the right weapon at the right time. Weapon attacks are complemented with other types such as punch, kick, and darts, and also magic. The navigation in the game can be achieved by using the scroll key and other key combinations. In addition to the basic moves such as backward, the game also allows you to jump over the opponent’s head or roll on the ground. If you get stuck, you can jump to the wall to escape from the attack of the opponent. Using quick moves you can dodge critical attack especially the magical ones.

You need all your brains and skills

Attack demon bosses and decimate their dominance to become the one to close the Gate of Shadows. This terrific settings of the game will gauge most of your combat skills, you need the best of your kicks, punches, jumps, and the agility to overpower your foes and conquer the shadows. The only way to discover if you have what it takes to win is to play the game. As an aid to your fighting, the Tutu app gifts you the unlimited money mod which you can use to upgrade or buy new weapons, armor, helmets, and darts.

The best thing about having new weapons is that you don’t need to spend much currency to upgrade them. Assets in Shadow Fight are presented as money and diamonds. You will not be able to acquire all the weapons even if you have enough money. You need to unlock them through the progress you make in the game. This modded version gives you access to most weapons that you can buy in-app.

Listed below are some of the eye-catching features of the shadow fight 2 game. Read to grasp quickly

  • Thrust yourself into brilliantly crafted combat sequences, generated in awesome lifelike detail by the all-new animation system
  • Annihilate your ruthless enemies with intuitive controls. All credit goes to the all-new fighting interface engineered especially for touchscreens.
  • The plot of the game will carry you through six different realms filled with horrid demons
  • Adrenaline –rushing RPG combat with a brilliant storyline
  • You can customize your fighter with epic swords, nunchaku, armor suits, magical powers and More

New in this release

  • Ascension mode is deactivated- Monk set can be won in raids or brought in the shop
  • Offers featuring item packs now show savings when you buy them
  • Explosive Vigor Elixir significantly improved
  • Guardian set effect optimized
  • Fixed item icons in player raid profile
  • Corrected video ad problems
  • Corrected issues with enchantments.
  • Improved roulette wheel
  • Some Visual bugs are rectified
  • Enhanced optimization and protection.


Shadow fight can be singled out as a unique fighting game that has traversed the confines of other similar games. The game mostly focuses on the enriching experience of play rather than graphics of its characterization. The game employs several combat and navigation moves that require your capacity to manipulate them. When you know what and how of using a weapon you can subdue any enemy.

The knowledge and skill of weapon handling must match with your in-game navigation skills. Such a synthesis of skills enables you to accomplish great heights in the game. The mod included unlimited currency that you can use in-app purchases. If you are lazy to finish a level after level to unlock new weapons and upgrades, you may try this mod. However, access to some weapons is only available when you go through a certain level.

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